Eco Adventures at the University of North Florida

Spring Break is next week for students at the University of North Florida. Students can finally take a break from class, and start visiting the beach rather than the library. Many students choose to go home or travel to a different city, but some students do stay on campus during the break.

Due to it being Spring Break, a lot of the facilities at the University of North Florida are closed like the Game Room and Field House. So, what can these students do for fun? Some fun options include camping and hiking the nature trails.

Katie Nickelson goes over the process of checking-out gear and answers some questions you may have about renting equipment. Some equipment that is available include tents, sleeping bags, canoes and kayaks to name a few. Though the Eco Adventure office will be closed over Spring Break, students can still rent some equipment before the break and return it after Spring Break is over.

Don’t know where to camp? Not a problem. There is a camping site at Native Heart Island in the middle of Lake Oneida, which is all conveniently located at the University of North Florida. The shortest route to the camp site is about five minutes, but students may choose to walk through the 2.85 miles of the Goldenrod Trail.

Another activity students can do over break is hike the different nature trails. There are four nature trails that students can walk through during the day whenever they want to. The longest trail is the Goldenrod Trail, which can be made longer by adding different shorter trails. For example, add the Gopher Tortoise Ridge to admire the population of tortoises and other animals, or to visit the hidden Lake Surprise. These trails allow students not only to get out and get some fresh air, but also allows them to admire the flora and fauna at the University of North Florida.


All photos were taken by Alexandra Torres-Perez. 


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