Humans of Jacksonville: Politics Edition



2016-04-05 11.57.46
Roxana is giving a presentation about Hispanic voters in her class today. Photo credit: Roxana Sudderth   

What do you want for the election?

“The main things I want for the elections are for there to be an agreement on immigration that obviously doesn’t include building this wall, and that helps those immigrants that are here. I do want a plan to prepare them for citizenship that can include fines, or them learning English and then doing the necessary things.  Obviously, if they have a criminal background or anything like that, the do need to be deported. As far as health care, I don’t think there should be a change in Obama Care. I think everybody has a difficult circumstance, and I think we should offer health care for those who can’t afford it. Those are the main issues for me.

For abortion, it is difficult for me. I feel like it is wrong, but at the same time if someone ends up in a difficult circumstance through rape or something like that it is unfortunate. So, that is a difficult topic for me and I am unsure about that. Education is obviously important. I know Bernie Sanders said free public college for everyone, but I need to do some more research on that.”


Who are you going to vote for and why?

“I’m not sure who I’m going to vote for. I need to do some research. I’ve been to Marco Rubio’s rally and Bill Clinton’s rally at a church. Bill Clinton basically talked about how he met his wife, what she has done in the past and what she will do in the future. I have to do more research on Bernie Sanders…For Trump, I am not one of those who can’t stand him and won’t listen to him. I still listen to what he is saying because he is a presidential candidate, so I’m not just going to shut him off. Most of the things he says are unpresidential and just unhuman. He doesn’t like a lot of people, and he doesn’t care how he says it. It is the way he talks in public and just in general.”


As a Hispanic, there is a lot of “Hispandering” as one Democratic debate described it where candidates say what Hispanics want to here. What do you think Hispanics wants to hear?

“They just want to be included in the plan as far as education, jobs, and their status here. They don’t just want to be excluded and deported. I’m not just thinking about the illegals, but I’m also thinking about the citizens that have been here or that are towards that. It covers everybody. I think they want to hear positive things just like everyone who is here.”




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